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a lunar probe
single channel video
1080p, 2m 42s
translation supervision: Geonhee Lee

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U’=∅: Nothing is the rest of everything

The thing of utterance is destined to fail someone. The thing that can utter itself is always included to the frame of the personal experience, and then the experience of the others becomes a measurable trifling or nothing. A proposition, Nothing is the rest of everything, is only the one sentence to exclude no one among all the words. The works connected by this words detects the moments usually regarded as outside. Although someone’s life may be different from the things we have been taught, one may struggle for seeking the unreachable ideal, one may sink in the loss to be found surrounding us, and one may fail to adapt oneself to the quickly changing environments, everything belongs to the whole. This exhibition tries providing the subject, WE, to everyone through the work connecting things regarded as outside.

translation: Wooseok Kang